Homeschool Music Curriculum
Welcome parents and homeschoolers to the Riff Academy- Homeschool Music Curriculum information page.  We encourage you to read each section on this page and visit our FAQ page for a complete understanding of our program and website.


I. Homeschool Music Curriculum

Riff Academy currently offers 144 structured lessons (the equivalent of two years of music instruction) in high quality video format for the beginner to intermediate student. Provided are online lessons for guitar, bass guitar, keyboards and drums. All Riff Academy instructors hold a degree from a certified Music and Arts School, have trained under the instruction of a Master musician on their chosen instrument and work as professional musicians.

Our unique curriculum is divided into six levels (Level 1-6) containing six structured lessons per level followed by two Jam Sessions per level. The curriculum for each instrument has been specifically designed to work in tandem. In other words, lesson 2 for guitar teaches the same chords and scales as lesson 2 on bass guitar, keyboards and drums. This design allows a student to learn more than one instrument at the same time with ease.

Jam sessions in the lessons curriculum offer the student an opportunity to incorporate the chords and scales learned in a particular level by practicing a short “riff” written and performed by the Riff Academy instructors’ band. Jam session videos utilize the Riff Academy specially designed mutable track media player.

II. Play Along Catalog lessons and performance videos

Riff Academy also offers video instruction for popular songs in the Play Along catalog. This catalog is continually growing with new selections added quarterly.
The Play Along instructional videos provides an 8-10 minute lesson overview of the primary chords and scales associated with the song. The interactive media player allows the student to mute an audio track and practice in a “live” performance environment with the Riff Academy instructors’ band



Interactive Media Player: Riff Academy students have the privilege of utilizing the Riff interactive media player in the Jam session lessons and in the Play Along video catalog of popular songs. This specially designed media player provides an exciting and dynamic method to practice by allowing the student to mute an audio track(s) and play along with the Riff Academy instructors’ band. Playing along with the remaining audible tracks assists in the development of ear and performance training.


Each lesson is 8-10 minutes in length

Close-up multi-camera angles on each instrument allow the student to easily view hand and foot placement as performed by the instructor(s)

Our program focuses on Music Theory, Technique, Ear Training and Performance

Membership includes unlimited access to lessons for all instruments. There is no limit on the number of times a video can be viewed

Students learn at a pace that is comfortable for them and enjoy easy access to our instructors via e-mail

Printable charts and tabs for reference

Metronome for practice sessions

Riff Academy accommodates all computers, tablets and mobile devices. We recommend using either Chrome or Firefox web browsers to best view the website and use the interactive media player. Our media player supports both HTML5 and Flash. We suggest the latest version of Adobe be installed on your computer or devices.

We invite you to visit our FAQ page to view a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you require further explanation or do not see your question listed, please contact Customer Service at

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Riff Academy offers three economical and full access membership options:

Option A: $19.95 per month

Option B: A 6 month membership for only $89.95 (a savings of $30.00 or the equivalent of 1 ½ month FREE months of music education)

Option C: A 12 month membership for only $188.95 (a savings of $50.00 or the equivalent of 2 ½ FREE months of music education)



Riff Academy offers convenient and secure methods of payment through the use of a major credit card


Riff Academy makes it easy to upgrade your membership from a monthly membership to a semi-annual or annual membership. Contact customer service at Your request will be processed immediately.



Riff Academy offers an easy membership cancellation process for our monthly membership students. Contact Customer Service at Your request will be processed within 24 hours and a cancellation confirmation letter will be sent to you at the e-mail address currently on file at Riff Academy.

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